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Town plan of Blantyre, Malawi. Extracted from the Macmillan Malawi Traveller's Map. Copyright © Macmillan Education 2009.
Cartography – large scale maps
Burial ground plan of Hawkshead Church, Cumbria, England. Copyright © St Michaels and All Angels Church 2015.
Part of a frieze design for a Greek restaurant. Drawn in Adobe Illustrator. Copyright © Kevin Baverstock 2015.
An aneroid barometer. Extracted from the Macmillan Uganda Primary Atlas. Copyright © Macmillan Education 2009.
Illustration – vector based
The Parish of Satterthwaite – A Social HistorySuzanne Tiplady and Kevin BaverstockPublished by Saetrpress in 2014.
This book records the part played by the 49th (West Riding) Infantry Division in the day long defensive action at Rauray in Normandy on 1st July 1944. Among the British units which played a major role that day, particular mention is given to the 1st Tyneside Scottish (Black Watch). Renowned for their sacrifices in the First World War, little has been written about the men of the Tyneside Scottish in the Second World War, and, despite the fact that they gained a battle honour for their efforts at Rauray, their story has largely been forgotten.
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This social history of the Parish of Satterthwaite records the life and times of the inhabitants of the settlements of Satterthwaite, Grizedale, Dale Park, Force, Graythwaite and Low Cunsey. Over the years, the environs of Satterthwaite have been written about in several histories covering the High Furness region of Cumbria, but few have gone into any great detail. The Parish of Satterthwaite – A Social History is the first volume of a two part series that sets out to be a complete study of the people and places of the Parish of Satterthwaite.
Breaking the PanzersKevin BaverstockPublished by Sutton Publishing in 2002.
KEVIN BAVERSTOCK is a freelance cartographer with over 40 years experience producing small scale mapping for atlases and travel guides. He began his career in cartography in 1971 as an apprentice at Hunting Surveys and Consultants Ltd in Hertfordshire, England. After nine years as a trainee with them, he joined a small team of cartographers in an office in Central London, involved in the design and preparation of a series of traveller's maps and atlases. This company later joined forces with David Fryer and Co in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, and became known as GEOprojects (UK) Ltd. In 1984, he set up his own freelance business in order to explore ways he could combine cartography with illustration. His main clients over the years have been Macmillan Publishers, Oxford University Press, Lovell Johns Ltd, FWT Studios Ltd and Moran (EA) Publishers Ltd.Kevin moved his office to the Lake District in the north of England in 2003, and began collaborating on a detailed history of his local parish of Satterthwaite with a fellow local history enthusiast. The first volume of their two part series, The Parish of Satterthwaite – A Social History, was published by Saetrpress in 2014. The second volume, The Parish of Satterthwaite – A Landscape History, is due for publication in 2016.
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Cartography – small scale maps
Road map of Cameroon Extracted from the Macmillan Cameroon Road Map. Copyright © Macmillan Education 2004.
Map of the Civil Parish of Satterthwaite, Cumbria, England. Copyright © SPCW 2015.
US economic activity Extracted from the Macmillan Atlas of Swaziland. Copyright © Macmillan Education 2005.
Swaziland water resources Extracted from the Macmillan Atlas of Swaziland. Copyright © Macmillan Education 2005.
Cartography – atlas maps
Cartography – panoramas and globes
Grand Canyon, Colorado, USA. Extracted from an interactive terrain panorama. Copyright © Kevin Baverstock 2015.
Globe with land and seabed terrain. For atlases and wall maps.Copyright © Kevin Baverstock 2015.
Lake District, Cumbria, England. Terrain model with drainage overlay. Copyright © Kevin Baverstock 2015.
Western Highlands, Scotland. Terrain model with drainage overlay. Copyright © Kevin Baverstock 2015.
Cartography – terrain maps
Structure of the Earth. Drawn in Adobe Photoshop. Copyright © Kevin Baverstock 2008.
Illustration – raster based
National flag of Uganda. Drawn in Adobe Photoshop. Copyright © Kevin Baverstock 2003.
Chapter ornament. A Polite and Commercial People.Copyright © Kevin Baverstock 1989.
Bust of Cleopatra. Pen and ink. Copyright © Kevin Baverstock, 1996.
Illustration – hand drawn